Creating Parent-Friendly Workplaces


At Soutiens, we're on a mission to help expectant employees become successful working parents.


We help parents navigate the transitions around taking leave from work, having a baby, and returning to the job.


We provide employers with concrete ways to continue to foster positive workplace relationships among working parents and their colleagues.


41% of working moms say being a parent has made it harder for them to advance their career. Soutiens believes it doesn't have to be this way. 

Pew Research - Raising Kids and Running a Household: How Working Parents Share the Load



In French Soutiens loosely translates as "support".


Soutiens supports expectant parents, encourages the creation of workplace communities for working parents, and boosts up companies as they work to create family-friendly policies.

Amanda became a mother of two while working as the Director of Sales, and later the Director of Product Management at a behavioral health technology firm. She became a Certified Postpartum Doula in 2015 (CAPPA), trained lactation educator in 2016 (CAPPA), and continues to pursue learning opportunities to help parents in the workplace. Amanda has provided hands-on physical, emotional and educational support to nearly 70 families. She also facilitates multiple local new parents groups and moderates an online community for working parents. She is also the founder and President of NAMMA Families, a local perinatal professional network.

Amanda Hemm

Sarah's work experience in epidemiology and education along with her own experiences with her babies brought her to the pregnancy and postpartum health world. A postpartum doula since 2015, she believes parents are most successful when they have a variety of tools to pull from. Sarah continues her own education in order to help parents develop those tools, most recently completing training in babywearing and new parent education. Additionally, she facilitates local new parent groups and online communities. Sarah serves as the Member Coordinator for NAMMA Families, a perinatal professional network for providers in the MetroWest Massachusetts area. 

Sarah Douglas

The Founders



Soutiens envisions a world where businesses celebrate the holistic value working parents bring to the table.

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