Creating Parent-Friendly Workplaces

Workplace Support for Parents

At Soutiens, we're on a mission to help progressive companies empower expectant and working parents to succeed.


We specialize in developing comprehensive programming to help expectant and new parents navigate the realities of preparing for leave, returning to work, and juggling the priorities of career and parenthood. Our flexible resources are designed to fit the needs of a wide range of workplaces.

It's our mission to support working parents and the companies that value them.



Progressive businesses know that it’s no longer good enough to point expectant parents to the parental leave policy and hope for the best. They realize that to attract, retain, and support parents in the workplace, they need to do more. 


That’s where we come in. 


We work with our client companies to assess their current offerings and create a comprehensive plan that fits their culture and realities. From online classes that can be accessed anytime, anywhere to working parent discussion groups, everything we offer is designed to


  • shift company cultures to better support working parents of all kinds,

  • build community among parents in the workplace, and

  • help working moms and dads to succeed at work and home.


As perinatal professionals, moms, and veterans of the corporate world, we have seen the pitfalls that trip up so many working parents. We have also seen how—with the right resources—working can improve parenting satisfaction, and parenting can improve job performance. And the ripple effect that happens when you have a team of happy, confident working parents contributing to a company’s mission? Now that’s powerful. 


Contact us to learn how Soutiens can equip your team with concrete strategies and flexible tools that ease the transition to becoming a working parent. Or, if you are an expectant or working parent who wants to learn on your own, check out our online course "The Return Plan." 


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