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"Unsustainable." - a working parent's definition of life right now. 

One thing is clear: we need new solutions that work for both parents and the companies that value them. 


As a leader, a culture changer, or a supporter of parents in your company, you have an opportunity to make things better, you have an opportunity to bridge the gap.


Join us as we bring you conversations with progressive thinkers, outside-of-the-box problem solvers, and status-quo challengers about catalyzing change for working parents.

We are in this together, and together we will reimagine a new way forward.

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  • Module 1: A Model for Creating Change: Lessons from DEI, ERGs, and Other Culture Changers

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Session details & descriptions


We Can’t Dismantle Systemic Racism with Unconscious Bias Training - Eric Ratinoff, The Mouse and the Elephant


ERG Leaders Roundtable: Voices from the Front Lines


Parent Inclusive Workplaces - Sarah Douglas and Amanda Hemm, Soutiens 


Supporting women through the continuum of employment - Ashley Connell, Prowess Project


Flexing for Good, the Role of the Employer in Working Parenthood - Debi Yadegari, Villyge


Supporting working parents through COVID’s work/life challenges - Lynn Perkins (Urban Sitter) & SJ Sacchetti (Cleo)


Feeding Both Family and Career: The Power of Community - Amy VanHaren, pumpspotting


Looking Ahead: Prioritizing Mental Well-being - Mari Ryan, Advancing Wellness


Lessons From Public Health Professionals Roundtable: Health outcomes, inclusion, and support for communities and businesses - Giana Vasconcellos, Omari Richins, Leonore Okwara, Adelaide Harris


The History of Women's Health Disparities and Current Impacts - Christie VanHorne, CVH Consulting


Promoting Maternal Health in the Workplace - WMC Public Health Consulting


The US Childcare Crisis: Employer's Opportunity to Show Up for Working Parents - Pedro Silva, Arvorie


Fireside Chat: Solving the Childcare Crisis - Pryia Amin & Marni Pastor, Flexable


Stories from the Field: Parenting During COVID-19 - Rebecca Michelson, U of Washington


Inclusive Benefits Design - Liz Spath, Mercer


Hidden Gems: Helping Employees Find Affordable, Accessible, Safe Childcare - Bridget Garsh, NeighborSchools


What Leaders Need to Know About Black Working Mothers - Gwen Turner, Steele & Grace

Push: A New Approach to Maternal Health - Jacqueline McLeeland, Push


Frequently Asked Questions

I don't view myself as a culture changer. Is this for me?


Yes! We've seen it time and time again - sometimes it only takes one person to make a difference for parents within an organization. If you see the challenges working parents face in the workplace, if you want to learn more about outside-the-box solutions, if you're ready to listen, learn, and participate in the conversation, this is for you!


How do I get in touch with your presenters?


Each evening we'll be holding a live Q&A session with that day's presenters. We welcome you to join in the conversation!


Additionally, you'll receive contact information and details for each speaker. We encourage you to reach out and make connections.


I have questions. Whom can I contact?


We'd love to hear from you! Please contact us!


About the Organizers

Amanda Hemm and Sarah Douglas from Soutiens and Liz Simpler from WMC Public Health Consulting have joined forces to bring you Bridging the Gap: Reimagining Parental Support and Wellness for Businesses.

We believe the health and wellness of working parents matter to individual families, companies, and society.

We believe responsible businesses should have a vested interest and a responsibility in providing support to the working parents in their organization.

We believe that now is the perfect time to elevate change that supports working parents.

Learn more about Soutiens and WMC Public Health Consulting.

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