How we're helping companies and working parents respond to COVID-19

Resources for Companies

It's Summer! Now What? How Employers Can Support Working Parents

This fall will be anything but normal. Now is the time to rethink and refocus support for parents. (Webinar)

Managing Working Parents in the Days of COVID-19 

Tips for managing parents who are working remotely (Video)

Lemonade for the Future

Strategies managers can use in the present to support growth in the future (Blog)

Virtual Parenting Power Hours+ 

Facilitated, round-table, virtual events where working parents learn new strategies, build community and find take-aways to make life these days easier (Event)

The Return Plan

Three-part curriculum designed to help expectant parents plan for parental leave, build strong foundations at home and return to work with less stress and more confidence (Online Course)

Working Mom

Companies and working parents are shifting and adapting to this new world, and many are finding ways to make remote work work.


We've got tools to help.

Resources for Parents

Continuing to Parent (and Work) in a Pandemic

Where we've been, what the road ahead looks like, and resources to help ease the stress and anxiety (Webinar)

Busy Parents: Managing Life and Work in the Days of COVID-19

Strategies to help working parents juggle working from home with family demands (Video)

Parenting in a Pandemic: Expert Interview Series

Conversations and advice from experts on everything from mental health to working from home strategies to educating kids in a time of crisis and more (Videos)

The Perspective We Need

You can do hard things. You've done them before. Give yourself grace and perspective (Blog)