Young Mother

Expectant Parents

As an expectant parent, you've got a long list of things to plan for.

But what about the future of your career as a working parent?


  • Are you ready for this monumental transition?

  • Will you feel like you made the most of your parental leave?

  • How are you going to handle the push and pull of working-parent life?

  • What things can you do right now to plan for success?


Let the expectant parent coaches at Soutiens help you to plan for parental leave, make the most of your time home with your new baby, and return back to work with confidence.

You've got enough tough decisions to make. 


Let this be an easy one.


The Return Plan, an online course for expectant parents who plan on returning to work, is your step-by-step guide for preparing for and getting the most from your time home with your new baby.


Our expectant parent coaches provide a safe space where you can talk through all the emotions and logistics associated with becoming a new parent without fear of judgment or agenda. 


From sleep specialists to lactation consultants and beyond, search our curated list of family-life professionals to find the one that is right for your family's needs.

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