Parenting in a Pandemic:

Expert Interview Series

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Mental Health

Stress, Mindfulness and Therapy Experts

Pandemic video_ Crystal.png

Recognizing Stress & Moving Forward with Crystal Farley


Pulling from her experience of helping organizations develop more effective communication & stress-relief solutions, Crystal offers up ways to recognize just how stress is manifesting itself in our daily lives in unique ways. She shares strategies for acknowledging, accepting and moving with the variety of feelings families are feeling.

Pandemic video_ Jon W.png

Stress: Recognizing, Re-framing, and Breathing Through with Jon Wortmann


Jon lends expert advice on how to recognize, reframe, and breathe through the stress and anxiety working parents are feeling these days.


Are you familiar with short and long stress loops? How about breathing shapes? Jon offers quick-switch tips both parents and kids can use.

Pandemic video_ Liz S (3).png

Mental Health: Navigating Parenthood in COVID-19 with Liz Sarantopoulos


Working parents are being asked to do the impossible, and Liz offers up advice on how to deal with the stress, anxiety, and guilt of juggling work and home life during these chaotic days.

Pregnancy, Babies, Toddlers, and Kids

Prenatal, Preschool, Elementary, and Sleep Experts

Pandemic video_ HeHe S.png

Pregnancy and Postpartum Support in a Pandemic with HeHe Stewart

With nearly a decade of experience behind her, HeHe shares a valuable perspective on the shifting landscape of labor and delivery and offers up strategies for prenatal and postpartum families to build community in the digital - and social distancing - age.

Pandemic video_ Britta.png

Life & Learning with Preschoolers with Britta Rieser

With over a decade of experience in Early Childhood Education, Britta shares simple, straight-forward strategies for working parents who suddenly find themselves in charge of their children's education. From the importance of play to the benefits of boredom, Britta's reassuring advice is a breath of fresh air.

Pandemic video_Melissa T.png

Learning at Home: How Working Parents Can Support Their Students with Melissa Tirpak

Melissa offers reassuring advice and strategies for working parents who are feeling the stress of being put in charge of their students' education. From routines to priorities, from online resources to things you have around the home, Melissa's words will bring comfort to any parent struggling to balance work and education demands.

Pandemic video_ Arielle.png

Sleep: Healthy Routines & Habits to Keep Your Family Rested with Arielle Greenleaf

Arielle discusses the necessity of sleep routines in an otherwise chaotic world and gives tips and tricks for minimizing sleep disruptions. 

Human Resources, Employee Assistance Programs, and Small Business Owner Experts

Pandemic video_ Amy M.png

Making WFH Work For You: Communication & Empathy with Amy Matos

As an HR executive turned small business owner, Amy offers up her unique perspective on navigating working from home arrangements. From setting expectations to over-communicating, Amy shares strategies for both managers and employees in this new "remote work" world.

Pandemic video_ Michelle.png

Human Resources: Adapting Policies and Benefits in the Days of COVID-19​ with Michelle Gray


Pulling from 20+ years of experience in the field of Human Resource Management, Michelle shares advice on the policies and strategies employers can implement to support working parents. 

Pandemic video_ Kristin M (1).png

Pandemic Resources: Don't Forget About Your Employee Assistance Program with Kristin Matthews

Kristin walks us through the whys and hows of accessing employer-sponsored EAPs, and what parents can expect by tapping into this valuable resource. From the mental health professional side, Kristin offers up advice and perspective for working parents everywhere. 

Pandemic video_ Amanda G (1).png

Entrepreneurship and Parenthood in Times of Change with Amanda Grazioli

Amanda offers an inside look at how entrepreneurial parents can take a step back to determine the right direction for their businesses and their families. By pulling from her experience creating brand stories and messaging, Amanda gives expert advice for small business owners looking to stay consistent (and sane) in these challenging days.

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