As an expectant parent, you've got a long to-do list.


Attending birthing classes, setting up a baby registry, organizing the baby's room, picking out names... The list goes on and on.


Where's your parental leave plan on that list?


Introducing The Return Plan


Let Soutiens help with our step-by-step program to plan for, make the most of, and return back to work after your leave.


This online course will:

  • walk you through outlining your leave expectations 

  • help you build communication strategies for work and home 

  • give you concrete, actionable preparations for leave

  • and offer tips and tricks for keeping a flexible perspective through it all.


Handy workbooks will help keep your thoughts organized and share your plans with family and colleagues.


Join our Facebook group, Working Parents Circle, to find practical advice and support from the Soutiens team and other working parents.

You've got enough tough decisions to make.


Let this be an easy one.




"I feel I have a clear idea of how to manage being both an employee and a new parent."



"I know how to create a concrete list of ways friends and family can support our new family."



Average increase in self-reported confidence levels

following Soutiens workshops



"I know how to communicate my wishes for parental leave to my manager and/or team."


Soutiens programs help expectant parents gain confidence

We know.

You're worried about not having enough time.

You're worried about finding work/life balance.

You're worried about setting work boundaries.

You're worried about maintaining your sanity.

You're worried about daycare.

You're worried about guilt.

Let Soutiens help ease the concern.


What is The Return Plan?


It's a step-by-step, online program for helping expectant employees transform into successful working parents.


Written by postpartum doulas and moms who have been there, The Return Plan covers what you need to know about preparing for leave, making the most of your time at home, and returning to work with confidence.



Interested in The Return Plan but want a sample first?

Read more about how Soutiens is helping expectant and new parents at work.

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