The Soutiens Story

As postpartum doulas, we have witnessed how parents who plan on returning to work after their baby is born face a unique set of challenges - navigating benefits and leave, the stress of returning to work before they are physically or emotionally ready, balancing family needs with work needs, guilt, and so much more.


We have heard these parents call for more support during this short but intense transition time.


And we’re here with an answer.




Honoring the idea that being a parent is the ultimate leadership experience, Soutiens provides education and support programs specifically for new parents who work in a wide range of industries.


At Soutiens, we recognize that no two work environments are identical, nor are the needs of all working parents identical, and as such our programs are flexible, supporting a wide variety of work and family structures. 


There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to parenting, and likewise, managing the relationship between work and home comes in many different ways. But we believe that by supporting new parents in this short window of time, parents build strength, flexibility, and resilience, and are more prepared to return to work following their baby’s birth.

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