Why "Soutiens"

(Language matters)

In our experience as corporate employees, moms, and perinatal professionals, we have seen how few resources are available to ease the transition to becoming a working parent. As postpartum doulas, we were able to support individual families, but we wanted to do more.


We wanted to help companies establish far-reaching supports that would prepare moms and dads for parental leave, the return to work, and the long-term realities of juggling career and parenthood.


There wasn't a word in the English language that captured what we set out to do. However, the French word "soutiens" (which loosely translates to support) seemed expansive enough to encompass our vision.


Supporting parents and companies is at the core of everything we do.

Amanda Hemm and Sarah Douglas, Cofounders

Soutiens Values


The resources, tools, and facilitated workshops we create are designed to support all working parents—moms and dads from all family structures and paths to parenthood. 


We believe in the power of community. It is hugely reassuring for working parents to realize that they are not alone in their struggles. And being able to share strategies, offer a shoulder to cry on, and celebrate one another’s successes? That’s game-changing. 


No two families are alike, nor are any two companies exactly the same. That’s why our approach is flexible to fit the culture of every workplace and the needs of every parent.

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