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Mostly YES


Your company values its working parents and is willing to invest in supporting them.


You're an industry thought-leader and early adopter of programs, policies, and benefits that support your working parent employees.

You see the power of a team of happy, confident working parents contributing to a company’s mission.

On your to-do list:

Shout it from the rooftops and become known as a parent-friendly workplace in order to attract top talent. Soutiens can help spread the word.

Assess the evolving needs of your parent employee population - kids grow, needs change. You want to stay on top of current trends in your workplace.

Seek to fill gaps in offerings. Need a place to start? Check out Parenting Power Hours+ and The Return Plan for easy plug & play options.


Soutiens can help you stay ahead of the curve. Book a free, 30-minute exploratory call.


Company culture is evolving.

You see there is value in supporting your employees, and your company has taken steps to change its benefits and policies to reflect trends in the industry.

Your company looks to implement established programming that shows results.

You need to:

Ensure that the policies, benefits, and programming offered by your company are meeting the needs and expectations of your parent employees. Facilitated discussion and a 360* reflection will help you gain insight and find inconsistencies. 

See how other companies are creatively addressing the needs in their workforce. Check out how Soutiens is helping athenaHealth support its parents. Read the case study.

An Employee Resource Group for parents or Parent Council are valuable contributors not just to the employee experience, but to diversity and inclusion initiatives as well. Promote collaboration and provide connection points among groups.

Stop losing time and talent to parenthood. Book a free, 30-minute discovery call.

Mostly NO

Your company doesn't know WHY it should support its working parent employees, or if it does know why, there isn't a consensus on HOW to start.

Workplace experience is fast-paced or highly structured. There's no extra time in the day for non-essential work.

Your company culture believes in keeping work life and home life separate.

You should consider:

Explore how caregiving responsibilities affect your bottom line. Don't think it affects your company? You're not alone. Check out The Caring Company by the Harvard Business Review for the reality check.

Provide access to easy, no-cost/low-cost programs that your employees can take part in on their own time. Looking for no-cost tools for expectant parents - check out Soutiens' Return Checklist and The Return Plan.

Being fast-paced or highly structured doesn't mean you can't support your parent employees. Read more to learn how simple steps can have a big impact.

Soutiens is ready to help your company take the first little step. Contact us for a free, 30-minute exploratory call.


There are many reasons why a company doesn't know if it is supporting its working parents. Maybe it's not a priority for the company. Maybe no one has claimed responsibility for the initiative. Maybe collaboration and communication between groups are falling short. Maybe feedback opportunities don't exist yet.

The reality is that your company may be losing precious time and talent to parenthood, but no one is watching for it. Now is the time to start.

What to do:

Connect with others in your company who have an interest in or responsibility for working parent initiatives. 

Gather feedback through surveys, facilitated discussions, focus groups or 360* reflections to help highlight what your company is doing well and where it needs to focus attention. Don't have time or bandwidth to dedicate to this kind of project? Soutiens can help.

Unsure as to why or how caregiving responsibilities affect work? Check out The Caring Company by the Harvard Business Review.

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