The Story Behind the Name

Have you ever wondered what “Soutiens” means?

If so, you aren’t alone. This has to be the second most common question we get. The first being “How do you pronounce the name of your company?”.

Just in case you are SUPER BUSY:

tl:dr - Soo-tee-ens means “to support”

And if you have a little more time, here is our story:

As with all companies, at the very beginning, we were not much more than an idea about how to solve a problem. Over and over we saw new parents returning to work feeling overwhelmed and anxious. We saw very strong, dedicated women questioning the careers they had spent years building. We saw the tears and witnessed their concerns. There had to be a better way forward.

It was clear to us that parents need more support - meaningful, far-reaching supports that would prepare moms and dads for parental leave, the return to work, and the long-term realities of juggling career and parenthood. Additionally, employers needed more resources so they could provide this level of support.

We spent weeks sketching out all the aspects that go into starting a company from the fun dreaming to the more practical business formation paperwork. One thing kept getting in our way - we didn’t have a name.

After writing down hundreds of ideas - none of which we loved - we decided to give it the old college try: pizza and drinks with our husbands. (Everything works better with pizza, right??)

Initially all the names we came up with either seemed too cutesy or too corporate or just plain ridiculous. With some fantastic out-of-the-box thinking, Sarah’s husband suggested that maybe there wasn't a word in the English language that captured what we set out to do. However, the French word "soutiens", which translates to support, seemed expansive enough to encompass our vision. After all, supporting parents and companies is at the core of everything we do.


Everything about it just worked. It was abstract enough to not elicit visions of pink and blue nurseries nor stuffed with corporate jargon. It sounded calming and reassuring. And we loved the meaning and the rest is history!

Epilogue: After making it official we decided to spend a little more time on Google and learned that it also means “bra” (very supportive).

C’est la vie! Support comes in many forms.