Continuing to Parent

(and Work)

in a Pandemic 

In this hour-long webinar, tailored for your workforce, we help parents identify their needs, set their expectations, and seek solutions to bring in much-needed relief. Schedule now.


Being a working parent isn’t without stress, even on a good day, and now with COVID-19 and the changes it’s brought to our society and our families, being a working parent feels more challenging than ever.

Now that we’re several months in, it’s likely that you’ve found a groove. It may not be a great groove. It may not feel sustainable for the long term, but you’ve found a way to get things done.


You need solutions that work.

Now is the perfect time to reflect on what’s working, what’s not, and to make decisions on how you want to move into an uncertain fall.

Copy of Continuing to Parent (and Work!)

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